The Inside Line is an instructional driving / lapping day conducted at Mission Raceway in Mission B.C.

This program is designed for beginner to intermediate level drivers. The Inside Line gives everyone an opportunity to understand their cars handling capabilities, while participating in a safe controlled environment. Morrisport Advanced Driving instructors are highly experienced professionals, with safety & education being their top priority.

Track Day For Charity

Friday June 26th, 2015

Track Day for Charity™ is the first fundraising event organized by the Chinese community in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Riding on its continuous success, the 3rd annual Track Day for Charity™ will return Friday June 26th, 2015!

Organized by AutoNerve Media Inc. and in association with Morrisport Advanced Driving, Track Day for Charity™ is a one-day Driver Training event that takes place at Mission Raceway Park Roadcourse.

Please note: This is not an Inside Line Track Day and will not contain exactly the same amount of track time. Both Novice & Advanced Drivers are welcome but the format is unique to this event.

Part of the fundraising activities includes`Hot Laps` at lunch time. You`re welcome to bring your friends and family along and by donation, go for a ride on the track with one of our Instructors.

You will also receive a very special catered lunch and the opportunity to win some great prizes from the amazing Track Day for Charity sponsors!

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